Lacie Gershenson, aka Laecee, aka Fae Diddle Gershenson, aka Fae Diddle Diddle is NOT related to Bill Snyder, Kim Snyder, Ceara Snyder & Zoe Shashar! Laecee lied to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and on

To my beloved Grandchildren, Finn & Hazel,
I’m SO sorry to have to post this on my blog, but it has become necessary to say this to you about the Snyder family.
You both need to know that William Robert Snyder (Bill), Kimberly Lynn Snyder (Kim), Ceara Brooke Snyder, and her daughter Zoe Shashar, are NOT related to my daughter Lacie. (your Mommy)imageedit_1_9389224287 Therefore they are NOT related to either one of you, my dear Finn & Hazel.
They were our neighbors when we lived in Camino, CA. (near Placerville) Bill & Kim Snyder still live up there on Carson Road.

Front & Side view of the Snyder house ~ 4149 Carson Rd., Camino, CA
Back view of the Snyder House ~ “Apple Abbey” is across the street on the left

Their only child, Ceara Snyder, and her husband, Chen Shashar, live with their daughter, Zoe. *As of May 2016 they own a house at 650 Branciforte Ridge, Santa Cruz, CA* 


650 Branciforte Ridge, Santa Cruz, CA ~ Very close to “Gershenson Abbey”

Camino Store & Our old House (on the right)
Home of Lynn, Lacie & Rebecca Roth ~ 4123 Carson Rd.
We lived on the 2nd floor & used the attic for storage, plus an extra bed. (the ground floor laundry room entrance was from our backyard)
Lacie’s Bedroom was on the far right, second floor.
Camino was a great place for my girls to grow up…
lots of bittersweet memories in that old house.
Chen Shashar, Ceara & Zoe ~ January 2015


Zoe ~ July 9, 2016
She is NOT your COUSIN!


Zoe & Ceara ~ January 21, 2017


Lacie, Rebecca, and I, moved from Petaluma, CA to Camino, CA in August 1992 when Rebecca was 5 years old, and Lacie was 8 years old…almost 9. (she turned 9 in September) Lacie became friends with Ceara, and many years later when she was a teenager she turned to the Snyders when she was going through a hard time. 
And to this day they are still good friends of hers.
Certain people will have their own “spin” on things, as there are two, or even three sides to every story.
No matter how angry Lacie is with me, I’ll always be her Mother.
Kim posts pics of the both of you, and of your Mommy (my daughter Lacie…aka Fae Diddle Gershenson) on Facebook pretending like my Grandchildren and Lacie are part of her family, but it is all a FARCE because she is not…and never will be! She can’t “dig” up any pictures of MY daughter before she was nine years old because she didn’t even know her

I’ve asked her repeatedly to STOP calling MY daughter Lacie, “her daughter”, and to STOP calling MY Grandchildren, Finn and Hazel, “her Grand-kids”.
She is truly sick in the head for deliberately lying to my innocent Grandchildren.

Here’s an example of Kim calling herself Hazel’s Grandma.

Happily Ever Laughter Parties video with Lacie & Hazel

Laecee, lied to the Santa Cruz Sentinel during an interview about her children’s entertainment company “Happily Ever Laughter Parties”.
Oct. 25, 2010 ~ The article starts out with: “HAPPY VALLEY ~ Professional faerie Laecee Gershenson, aka Miss Fae Diddle Diddle, has a busy day ahead of her.”
Also, Laecee lied on when she wrote her description of “Apple Abbey” located on Carson Rd. in Camino, CA
If she can lie about WHO HER FAMILY IS…it makes you wonder, WHAT ELSE IS SHE LYING ABOUT ??
Bill and Kim Snyder are NOT Lacie’s PARENTS !!! 
Laecee Gershenson @ 
Ceara Snyder is NOT Lacie’s SISTER !!! 
Lacie is not Zoe’s “AUNTIE”, and Zoe is NOT your COUSIN !!!
Bill Snyder is NOT Lacie’s DAD !!! 
KIM is NOT Laecee’s MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!

And the Snyder’s AREN’T Alexander Gershenson’s in-laws!!!
Your father, Alex is MY son-in-law.

Laecee @ 

imageedit_1_6184344340“Apple Abbey” 4157 Carson Rd., Camino, CA ~ Dec. 2016
imageedit_4_7271179568“Apple Abbey” & side view of the Snyder’s house ~ Dec. 2016
“Apple Abbey” sign

What Kim Snyder is doing is SO WRONG on so many levels!!
As the Mother of Ceara, and Grandmother of Zoe, one would think Kim would realize that she has her own family to concentrate on, and finally stop obsessing about mine.
I could go on and on about this awful, horrible, dreadful thing that she is doing…what a despicable and disgusting fraud.

Finn & Hazel:

It is very important that you both know the TRUTH about your family. And I’m going to make sure that you know who your family is…and who is NOT.
I have both of your birth certificates, listing Lacie Meredith Roth
(my daughter) as your mother.
Also, I have both Lacie Meredith Roth & Rebecca Lynn Roth’s birth certificates, listing me, Lynn Meredith Meacham (Roth) & Micheal Arvid Roth as their parents. And I have our marriage license.
Of course I have my own birth certificate listing Phyllis & David Meacham as my parents. (Lacie & Rebecca’s Grandparents)
Plus numerous pictures, cards, letters, gifts, mementos, school work, etc..
All of these documents and items will prove the truth to you.
If you have any questions, please ask me!
I Love you with all my Heart, ~ Your Gramma Lynn



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